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About Softsheen Carson

For decades, Softsheen and Carson had a similar and powerful vision: to help people of colour celebrate their unique, highly individual looks and styles through the most innovative products specially designed for their needs. We at Softsheen-Carson continue this legacy and stop at nothing to give our consumers the largest array of scientifically-advanced beauty tools.

 Our broad and deep portfolio of brands that are both rich with heritage and at the height of innovation make us unique. By relying upon the depth of our scientific know-how, we continually advance our products to surpass the industry standards and make the safest and most effective beauty products for our consumers.

We believe everyone should be able to celebrate her or his beauty with confidence and flair. And for people of colour that means they should be able to express how they want to look, and, ultimately, who they uniquely want to be.

 We mix our heart, our soul, our science into formulas that come through for the community that gave birth to us, helping women, men and children of colour define, and then express, beauty on their own terms.

 SoftSheen-Carson’s history dates back over 100 years – since the introduction of Magic®. Here are some highlights:

  • 1900 - Magic® Shave, the first men’s depilatory brand, was introduced.
  • 1972 - Dark & Lovely® Hair Colour launched. It was the first hair colour product formulated specifically for African American women.
  • 1978 - Dark & Lovely® introduced the first no-lye relaxer, which made it possible for women to relax their hair at home for the first time.
  • 1979 - Carefree Curl® began a major market phenomenon that propelled the health and beauty market for African Americans into a $1 billion category.
  • 1987 - SoftSheen-Carson received its second patent after developing Wave Nouveau®, the first body perm for Black hair.