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Wellbeing is seeking to help you maintain and where possible improve your quality of life.

Himalaya Pure Herbs is a range of individual herb extracts. Each Pure Herb is the result of strict monitoring from the farm to the lab. At the lab, Himalaya's proprietary techniques are used to extract the optimum value of each herb. This is followed by rigorous tests by R&D team for potency and consistency.

The actions of these extracts benefit the body, irrespective of the individual's body constitution, state of health and metabolic functions. Everyone can benefit from the goodness of these herbs, irrespective of age, sex, body type or other health related factors.

Model Product Image Item Name Price
1035 Rumalaya forte

Rumalaya forte

Rumalaya forte Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief   Action: Rumalaya forte helps rebuild connective tissue and alleviates the discomfort caused...

1036 Rumalaya Gel

Rumalaya Gel

Rumalaya Gel Rumalaya Gel is a powerful multi-action topical application.  Action: It has potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects that...

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