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About MCS Wellbeing

Today we are so much more aware of the importance of top quality ingredients and how the earth can produce beautiful and beneficial remedies and products.

Caring for your skin, body and health is a crucial aspect of an improved quality of life and this is the purpose of our website. We are devoted to providing products which satisfy the individual needs of our clients.

By listening and acting upon your recommendations, requests and by offering a top quality and efficient delivery service which can be tracked at all stages from initial order, through to despatch and delivery date, you can be confident of us and assured of our keen attention to customer service.

Why not try our Silver Tree Argan Oil hair products? This product is made by Cynos. For centuries, Moroccan women have known the benefits of the argan oil. Silver Tree Moroccan argan oil is extremely popular with our customers and top hair salons around the world.

We have been talking to our customers recently and they have asked us to put some new product ranges on the site, we hope you like them.

Africare features a collection of professional hair care products that blend essential oils, natural ingredients and modern technology for style conscious women.

Design Essential, Jane Cater Solutions and Keracare are premium, ethnic hair care companies whose purpose is to deliver quality products that cater to the unique needs of today's multi-ethnic market.

Latest Product to be launched:

The EdgeStick™ - This a professional styling tool that is suitable for all hair types course, curly, straight, thick and fine. Unlike any other tool in the industry, The EdgeStick™ lets users get closest to the hair root even touching the scalp without the danger of burning their scalp, face, or ears.

Please, do keep in touch with us - we listen to your recommendations and requests.

Keep healthy, well and happy -

Roy Merchant

Co-founder and senior partner of MCS Wellbeing